Tribal Community Policing

NCJTC offers core curriculum complemented with a wide variety of onsite T/TA services designed to address the specific needs of tribal law enforcement agencies and their community policing efforts. Through this program, you can host the Tribal Oriented Policing Strategies (TOPS) training, a two-day interactive training, designed to strengthen relationships between the community and tribal law enforcement agencies and “get back to the basics” of community policing. For your convenience, an online TOPS training is also now available. During this training, you will review key principles learned during the TOPS classroom training during this online training program. Topics include: Defining community policing, successful community policing strategy, fostering positive community ethics, partnership building, and communication strategies. You will also learn about a six-step problem solving model you can use to address specific needs in your community that brings results. Other training and technical assistance courses are offered in topics ranging from drug trends to suicide prevention to elder abuse. Support is also available for peer-to-peer learning, distance learning opportunities, and mentoring services.

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Tribal Oriented Policing Strategies (TOPS)
Tribal Oriented Policing Strategies (TOPS)
Oct 22-23, 2018 | Mahnomen, MN | Classroom
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More Info regarding Tribal Oriented Policing Strategies (TOPS) scheduled Oct 22-23, 2018

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Tribal Oriented Policing Strategies Online Training
Tribal Oriented Policing Strategies Online Training

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