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Courthouse Facility Dogs Supporting Children
Webinar (recorded)

Learn how the presence of facility dogs during forensic interviews and medical exams have made these procedures more efficient, helped victims and witnesses remain engaged in the long prosecution process and enabled them to better describe to a judge and jury what happened to them.

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Facility Dogs: Community Policing and Tribal Court Partners
Webinar (recorded)

Often times, the biggest role of a facility dog is to calm and support an individual during stressful situations. Learn what a facility dog is and how they are being used particularly as a school resource officer partner in K-12 schools and/or in tribal court settings. The process to obtain and train a dog, subjective observations, and data collected will be discussed.

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Integrated Tribal Domestic Violence Court
Webinar (recorded)

During this webinar you will learn how tribal courts can develop integrated Domestic Violence Courts to adjudicate all aspects of cases involving Domestic Violence including protection orders, violation of those orders, child custody and visitation, property issues and other aspects to avoid conflicting orders and ensure victim safety.

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